Naftogaz Noteholders' Action Group

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Corlblow as anchor Action Group Member following payment of the 30.9.2009 coupon and frank discussions with Naftogaz Ukrainy no longer opposes the restructuring but actively supports Naftogaz Ukrainy in ensuring adoption of the 19.10.2009 EGM resolution 

Naftogaz Noteholders' Action Group

Naftogaz Ukrainy

US$ 500m 8.125% Loan Participation Notes
Maturing 30.9.2009

Acting individuals:

Alexey Olshansky


Philipp Thomas
  • German solicitor/Master in European Law/MBA Insurance and Financial Services
  • Formerly senior executive in insurance and reinsurance (Cologne Re, Gerling Global, Baloise, Winterthur, Employer Re, Reinsurance Australia)
  • Corlblow’s legal advisor


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